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Why Should You Join My Traffic Partners?


With a collective experience spanning over 30 years, John Cornetta & Frank Salinas confidently endorse this project, offering marketers like you a trusted source of global traffic.

Innovative Ads

We provide innovative viral display ads and our exclusive Hinge Ads, both proven to boost click-through rates and grow your business!

World-Wide Marketing

Get Traffic From Members & 3rd Party Websites World-Wide!

Earn Residual Commissions

MTP's affiliate program pays up to 50% commissions which inlcude residual commissions on any recurring upgrades you refer.

100% Real Bot-Free Traffic

REAL people means real traffic to your website. No Bots, No Bull, Just Real Traffic

Network Like A Pro

Customize your MTP profile so that you can network with 1,000's of like minded business owners and opportunity seekers from all over the world.

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Mobile Friendly Interface.

You can click ads, check stats & submit ads with your phone!

Rewarded For Activity.

Members can earn "Priority Points" which gets everyone more traffic.

Always Improving.

We are always working on improving the experience and results for all members.

Ads on Demand.

Buy more ads when you want!

All New Advertising!

Tap into the power of our "Hinge Ads" for maximum results!

And much more...

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"I love what John & Frank have done to bring me more leads for my business.  And these are BUYER leads; just the kind YOU want for your business."

Fred Raley

“I have been using MTP since it opened and have been blown away by the results. Frank Salinas and John Cornetta have truly created a game-changing platform for online marketers. The traffic I have received has been high quality and has helped me increase my conversions significantly. I highly recommend MTP to anyone looking to drive targeted traffic to their website. Thank you, for providing such a fantastic service.”

Tom Rooney

“I've upgraded my account to Partner, and I definitely recommend this advertising website to everyone!”

Mad Vlad


Why is My Traffic Partners free?

We know that if you try out the site for free, you will like the results you get from our free ads so much that you will want to upgrade!

Can you explain what MTP is like?

Think of My Traffic Partners as if LeadsLeap and Traffic Ad Bar had a baby but it was much simpler and easier to use with less moving parts. When sites are simple to understand and easy to use people use them more often, which means more traffic and commissions for members! Members can click on ads to earn what we call "Priority Points", the more you have the better!

What are Priority Points?

All members can earn "Priority Points" either by clicking on ads or displaying member ads. The more you click on ads or the more you show the ads outside of the members area, the more your ads show! The more "Priority Points" you have the more often your ads show up, easy!

Do you have a paid membership?

Yes. We offer a Partner membership. Partner members get 10 display ads instead of 3 that free members receive and have their ads shown in the network 24/7 without Priority Points. Partners also receive 1 free Login Ad or Hinge Ad per month as well as other bonuses not mentioned here. You can find out more in the Members Area.

What is the different between free and Partner?

Free member ads get shown 25% of the time and Partner ads get shown 75% of the time.  "Priority Points" expire every 14 days for free members, and every 28days for Partners which means new chances for your ads to be seen more often plus FRESH ADS!  Free members can setup 3 ads and Partners can set up 10 ads. Free members also earn 25% commissions and Partners earn 50% commissions.

What kind of support do you offer?

We have easy-to-follow video training with new videos being added often.  And support is just 1 click away inside the members area.

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